Welcome to Clear Skies Flying Club!

CSFC recruiting postcard front final 130113

We’re a Light Sport Airplane flying club with a new Flight Design CTLS hangared at Ankeny, Iowa (airport code KIKV, just north of Des Moines.) The purpose of our club is to give our members a convenient way to fly airplanes for personal non-commercial and instructional use, at economical rates.

N227CT, our 2008 Flight Design CTLS. It’s a very capable airplane — and our spouses think it’s cute. Photo courtesy Van Bortel Aircraft

Our CTLS is a Special Light Sport Airplane, so Sport Pilots can fly it without an FAA medical certificate. But Private Pilots can also fly it just like a “regular” certificated airplane—it has lights for night flying. Our members include Sport Pilots, Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots, and Flight Instructors (ages 20-something to 70-something, so you’ll fit right in.)

The new Sport Pilot certificate is perfect for older pilots who worry about passing that next FAA medical exam—if your health and vision is good enough for a driver’s license, you may continue to fly Light Sport Airplanes as a Sport Pilot, without a medical.

So come join us—by sharing expenses as a flying club, we can also share the fun, challenge, and adventure of flight!